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Taipei City University of Science and Technology


Development characteristics:

Features of multimedia integration: Our department trains students with professional skills in multimedia planning, production, and communication design, and considers the ability to integrate across media as one of the teaching priorities. On the one hand, individual professional skills such as video, sound effects, and design are developed independently, such as photography, recording and dubbing, mixing, soundtrack, image design, animation production, etc. On the other hand, students can integrate planning, production and design expertise to integrate various digital media content to produce a multimedia presentation that is best performance. After graduating in the future, students can extend their tentacles to digital publishing, digital games, multimedia teaching, and multimedia advertising design.

Features of interactive multimedia: Multimedia interactive design focuses on the application of technology and media. Currently, multimedia design has been widely integrated with art, humanities, entertainment and other products to provide innovative interactive experiences with users as the main body. Therefore, in addition to cultivating professionals with multimedia integration capabilities, our department also emphasizes interactive design and media applications combining creativity and technology.

Cultivation goals:

Our department aims to cultivate innovative and practical digital multimedia design talents, focusing on the development of multimedia integrated corporate system and communication design skills. In the part of multimedia integration enterprise, we continues the digital audio and video production training in the past in information dissemination, and focuses on the interactive multimedia-centric network planning and production. It hopes to train students to be familiar with the operation of different digital media and have the ability to integrate across media. In the communication design section, the department promotes image and animation design courses to cultivate students' familiarity with various computer design platforms and improve communication performance in multimedia enterprises.